Fostering the flourishing of women

Restoration affirms women as called and gifted for every ministry in the church, in the marketplace, in the community, and at home. Our Women’s Ministry brings women of all ages together for fellowship and growth. We also walk beside each other as we reach out to our friends and family with the message of God’s love as demonstrated through Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. We want to pour out our lives for the Lord and for each other just as Jesus “emptied Himself” (Philippians 2:7) for us.

Make meaningful friendships

There are also many other fellowship and growth opportunities throughout the year. We want to see women rise up as leaders for the Lord, and God is always faithful to fulfill that desire! Here, you will find a safe place to be vulnerable and seek healing in the Lord for past wounds, as well as a place where women share one another’s burdens as sisters. Maybe you’ve walked with the Lord for years, maybe you just started following Him, or maybe you just want to know more about Jesus. Our arms are open. Come join us and experience the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit. Through groups, gatherings, events, outreach and one on one, we love finding every opportunity to do life together. See our groups below:

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Develop leaders

As Covenant people, our tradition has been to ask, “Where is it written?” and because of that we support women in all ministry and leadership positions within the church, not because of societal pressure or trends, but because the Bible leads us to this conclusion.

We partner with the Covenant’s Biblical Gender Equality Commission and it has yielded rich results through the publication of curricula such as Called and Gifted and All God’s People, which help to educate both clergy and laity about the biblical basis for women in ministry. Another more recent development has been Project Deborah, an initiative which encourages existing leaders to identify gifted and godly women in their midst and provide them both mentoring and leadership development opportunities.